Former results

To get the details from a race you have to click on the year in the tables below. There may be a few errors in the tables and a few lacking times are stipulated. Years where we don't have information of the number of dogs in the teams, the figure (12, 8 or 6 - or even 0) don't change from checkpoint to checkpoint. Finnmarksløpet would be glad to receive information that can make the tables more correct.

  FL1000 / Open class   FL500 / Limited class   FL Junior
2022   Thomas Wærner NOR   Ronny Wingren FIN   Oda Karlstrøm NOR
2020   Race stopped   Daniel Haagensen NOR   Espen Burger NOR
2019   Thomas Wærner NOR   Hanna Lyrek NOR   Ole Henrik Isaksen Eira NOR
2018   Petter Karlsson SWE   Harald Tunheim NOR   Ole Henrik Isaksen Eira NOR
2017   Petter Jahnsen NOR   Elisabeth Edland NOR   Tuva Almås NOR
2016   Petter Karlsson SWE   Ole Sigleif Johansen NOR   Hanna Lyrek NOR
2015 VM Sigrid Ekran NOR   Elisabeth Edland
Eveline Koch (RNB)
  Anette Børve Hernes NOR
2014   Sigrid Ekran NOR   Ronny Wingren FIN   Erik Loftsgård NOR
2013   Thomas Wærner NOR   Milos Gonda SVK    
2012   Inger-Marie Haaland NOR   Katy Meier SWE    
2011   Roger Dahl NOR   Elisabeth Edland NOR    
2010   Ralph Johannessen NOR   Ole Wingren FIN    
2009   Inger-Marie Haaland NOR   Arnt Ola Skjerve NOR    
2008   Harald Tunheim NOR   Jan Vidar Dahle NOR    
2007   Tore Bergby NOR   Elisabeth Edland NOR    
2006   Harald Tunheim NOR   Erle Frantzen NOR    
2005   Roger Dahl NOR   Hilde Askildt NOR    
2004   Bjørnar Andersen NOR   Stein Are Harder NOR    
2003   Rune Johansen NOR   Dag Torulf Olsen NOR    
2002   Rune Johansen NOR   Markus Kyrre Leistad NOR    
2001   Robert Sørlie NOR   Dag Torulf Olsen NOR    
2000   Kjetil Backen NOR   Abner Hykkerud NOR    
1999   Robert Sørlie NOR      
1998   Harald Tunheim NOR      
1997   Harald Tunheim NOR   Abner Hykkerud NOR    
1996   Harald Tunheim NOR   Rune Johansen NOR    
1995   Robert Sørlie NOR   Eirik Nilsen NOR    
1994   Sven Engholm NOR   Karl Petter Beldo NOR    
1993   Sven Engholm NOR   Eirik Nilsen NOR    
1992   Roger Dahl NOR   Eirik Nilsen NOR    
1991   Sven Engholm NOR   Jan Arne Jakobsen NOR    
1990   Sven Engholm NOR   Torgeir Øren NOR    

Year 1981-1989

Year Champion Open class
1989 Stein Håvard Fjestad Stein Håvard Fjestad Egil Olli
1988 Sven Engholm Sven Engholm Arne Oddvar Nilsen
1987 Arne Oddvar Nilsen Karl Petter Beldo Arne Oddvar Nilsen
1986 Sven Engholm Stein Håvard Fjestad Sven Engholm
1985 Sven Engholm Sven Engholm Arne Oddvar Nilsen
1984 Sven Engholm -- Only one class --
1983 Sven Engholm -- Only one class --
1982 Sven Engholm -- Only one class --
1981 Sven Engholm -- Only one class --