FL1000 2013
Starttidspunkt: lørdag 9. mars 12:14
Siste oppdatering: 17. mars 2013
26. januar 21:32
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129. Hugh Neff Chicago Sluttplassering: 6

Ditt beste hundekjørerminne:
My life is a Dream... a journey, where everyday is a new adventure!

NEA-Alaska, RedPaw, Petro Marine, GBA Corona and Matts Petersson

Langdistanse erfaringer
Løp/ år/ plassering - inklusive alle gangene du har fullført Finnmarksløpet:

I have competed in 21 1,000 mile races since 2000. 12 Yukon Quests and nine Iditarods. 2004 Iditarod Rookie of the year, 5th in 2011. Numerous top 5 finishes in the Yukon Quest including 3 of the fastest times ever. 2012 Quest Champion. Dozens of mid-distance races too, mostly in Native Villages.

Hvorfor langdistanse / Finnmarksløpet:
I have always wanted to come visit Norway. Roald Admundsen is a great hero of mine- at heart I am more of an adventurer than a racer. It will be an honor to participate with some of the best dog mushers on this earth.

Målsettinger og strategi for årets løp:
Smile, enjoy the view... Try to learn as much as possible.

Ledere i spannet/ navn/ alder:
Walter, Tolliver, Delilah, Jewel, George, Amigo and some of Matts Petersson's dogs

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Anchorage Daily News, Chicago Tribune

Hobbyer: Basketball, canoing, Hiking

Adresse: 56 sun dog trail, 99780 Tok

Land: Alaska, U.S.A.

Telefon: 907 385-7735


Yrke: Dawgs/ Motivational speaker

Trekkhundklubb: Iditarod and YukonQuest finisher

Kennel navn: Laughing Eyes Kennel

Ant. hunder: 45