Info for the press

Welcome to Finnmarksløpet

Contact information for press staff in Finnmarksløpet

Trond A. Andersen: +47 900 81 519 (all year)
Morten Broks: +47 905 21 973 (during the race days)


Race starts Friday in week 10. In 2018 it will be Friday March 9th at 19:00.

Race program

Trail map all classes

For press accreditation:

Mandatory press brief: Please notice that the accreditation is handed out during a mandatory press brief in Kunnskapsparken downtown Alta Friday race start day at 15:00. This brief lasts for about one hour.

Contact: For more information, please contact Trond Anton Andersen, head of press and information - tlf: +47 900 81 519 -

Press center: During the race, there is a press center i Kunnskapsparken in Alta who is open 24/7. We can provide you with information, tips, contacts and photo/video.