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Some practical information

When signing up, please double check that your information is correct. Last year we had many errors, especially in the e-mail address. It is very important to type the correct e-mail address because that’s how we communicate J

The secretariat is the coordination office for Finnmarksløpet, and is based in our head office in Alta and is operated 24-7 from the start to finish. The secretariat is working closely with all the checkpoints. The main task is to receive and communicate results from checkpoints, and quality assurance of results on the result service at

All Banquets take place at Scandic Hotel Alta. We need volunteers to handle wardrobes and ticket control.

Arena Start
Thursday, at the start arena at Alta town centre.
, barriers are put out, and the start trail is being finished
, early morning: Last barriers are put out, roads are being closed and banners and beach flags are put out.
, at the start we need several volunteers for security along the trail from Alta town center to Elvestrand.
, after the start: Clearance of the start area

Arena Finish
: The finish arena for FL-junior and FL-500 is being prepared. We also need volunteers as guards for road crossings at Elvestrand and Alta town centre until Wednesday afternoon.
From Friday morning
, guards for road crossings at Elvestrand and Alta town centre until Sunday 8 days after start (FL-1000).
Sunday 8 days after start
, when most of the participants have finished, the arena needs to be removed and the area cleaned up. All promotional materials and barriers are removed. We are very focused on the environment, and will not leave any thing behind when the race is over.

You can request for the checkpoint, which is most convenient for you. There is one leader of each checkpoint who is in charge and delegates tasks. The main focus at the checkpoints is to make sure that everything is prepared for the participants and dogs when they arrive.

Special fields where special skills are requested; trail breaking, GPS service, press centre, veterinaries and judges.